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As one seasons ends, so shall another begin.

I have thought long and hard about what I have decided to set in motion today. I am aware that I am in danger for doing so, as a very powerful evil is working to silence me. Thankfully, I have been blessed with an even more powerful presence that's depending on my ability to succeed in all that I am about to do. 

For those of you that have taken up positions against me, your father has already been defeated, and the one who defeated him is also the one that placed me on this path. This means your war with me is an illusion. You are actually at war with him.


For those of you that stand next to me,  you have not done so in vain. You and your bloodline/s will be rewarded by the one that inspires you to stand. 

As for you who have found your way into this space by various means, you also have a role to play in this story. Only time and discernment will reveal what that role actually is. All I can say is that you must follow love if you are to find your way through what is about to happen.


If you have entered this space with malice and or unforgiveness in your heart, nothing that you will find here will give you peace. Yours is a mission of destruction, so destruction is what you will seek. My only question to you is what will you do after you've found the destruction that your wicked heart is lusting for?


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