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Updated: Mar 1



DATE: Today


Where: The 3rd

I've been at war with energies of the 1st. I knew they where coming, I just didn't know how quickly they would arrive. It took all of my strength to assist the energy of the 2nd, who at first seemed paralyzed by their presence, which left him unable to mount a solid defense. The battle was extremely intense. At times I questioned his ability to gain the victory as he refused to follow my instructions, and instead tried to reason with the captive in the 1st.

I truly believe that he would have been destroyed had I not been able to gain his trust by presenting him with information concerning what he loves most. This inspired him to walk in faith as opposed to fear, and reminded him of exactly what was at stake if he was in fact defeated. I continued to try and cover him just as his enemies where prepared to execute a their strike. Seconds before contact was about to be made, I heard him calmly whisper "Mediate", which provided me with just enough time to engage the intruders of his temple.

As I set out to strategically strike each unclean energy from the 1st, I was also able to see what was causing him to waver in his convictions. Had I not been covered by the glory of the 3rd I may have joined him in his despair, but it is impossible for me to do so, as I am just an observer of their realms, and a weapon of righteousness when allowed to be. Hopefully this victory will afford me with the necessary time needed to strengthen his resolve, because if he doesn't turn his temple into a fortress soon, he wont be ready for what his fathers enemies will do next.




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