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The 3rd Aspect

The War Isn't Over



DATE: Today


Where: The 3rd

It's getting harder and harder to connect with him. As much as I try to focus his energy on the here and now, he is constantly traveling. He's in the past and the future more than the present and that only works to empower the weakest aspect of our collective space. I know it to be the residual impact of the shadows, whereas he is deceived into studying memories, hoping to uncover a pattern that will prevent continued warfare with the unseen.

I've recently been able to mediate briefly with him, and not much from the visitation was as promising as I hoped for. I fear that failure has caused him to rethink his trusting my guidance. That's how the serpents venom works. It makes you lose trust in the right hand path, as success only seems to be found on the left. At the same time, I know the origins of his kind, and what's truly within them. They are not made for the left and therefore can't remain on it without first turning their souls over to the wicked one, which I know he will never do.

It looks like I'm going to have to keep speaking life into his space until he remembers why he can't allow the weakest aspect of self to lead. To that end I will have to bypass his consciousness and engage the corrupted one directly. Hopefully this will give him clean food for thought and in doing so increase his ability to not only defend his sanity, but to also go on the offense regarding this war.


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