Season One Recap

The first season of the Beguileon text was filled with mystery and suspense.

Are you able to empathize with Toma? The mental back-and-forth that has you contemplating your every decision? A higher power's unknowns and uncertainties? What about fear, guilt, lust, and rage… all emotions that people experience. We can all relate to Toma's distaste of his own thoughts. He persists in exploring his mind, unsure of what visions will emerge. Is it his mind? Is it demons or his consciousness that he is battling?

What about Amber, for example? How often do you find yourself in a coffee shop listening in on a conversation or even wondering what other people are thinking?

I'm sure you can relate to this, ladies. We have a tendency to be nosy by nature. Obsessing on other people's details and drama. We also give everything we have to whatever has peaked our interest. Amber is the same way; she's fascinated with Toma. In his words, in his wisdom, and in his demeanor. We're holding our breath as she expresses her want for more and her frustration with not obtaining it.

Prepare yourselves for season 2. Toma will encounter untold truths by amicable people. Could they be acquaintances? Family? Colleagues? Religious people? Answers & more mystery lay ahead. We don't know what Toma's future holds, but you can listen to him on



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