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Journal Entry: In the forest

Last night, I went somewhere. Many would assume if I told them, “Oh you had a dream”, but this was an experience, a vision. I was in my room laying in my bed meditating, when I found the darkness give way to form trees. My eyes opened and I was in a forest. Beneath my feet, I could feel the earth. my nose was filled with the scent of dirt and pine. The air was crisp. I gazed up towards the sky which was not completely dark. It had a grayish tint.

The sounds around me were that off a forest. I could hear the sound of wind lightly dancing through the trees as the crickets played the song of the night and the frogs accompanied with their melodic voices.

After standing there adjusting to my new surroundings for what felt like an hour, I started to move. The earth crunched beneath every step. I reached out and touched one of the dark companions surrounding me. The bark was rough, course, damp and REAL. This was not an imagining.

In the distance I heard a noise. Someone or something was here with me. As I turned toward the noise I saw the figure. It did not look feminine, because of the stature and build of the body, but I could not see the face. He stopped moving and turned towards me. I felt exposed, like I was trespassing, but that passed in an instant and I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. The gaze only lasted a few seconds but the connection was clear and then he started to move again. I followed. I was drawn to go deeper into the woods, following him beyond the indoctrination of what I’ve been told. I followed knowing this was the right path toward becoming…

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