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Amber Journal Entry: Dream

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

It’s been a little while since I wrote in my journal. I have been busy and whenever I work on my painting I feel stuck. It’s not turning out the way I wanted it to. I think it’s been so much on my mind that when

I went to bed last night… I ended up somewhere else.

I was in a dark forest. It was eerily quite considering the surroundings. Insects were silenced from singing their nightly song. Not even an owl’s greeting wondering “who” was trespassing in his home could be heard. The magnificent tress that loomed around me gave shape to the darkness. The smell of the forest was what you would expect, earth, trees, moss…nature. As I took it all in I started to feel like I was not alone. It felt like more than just nature and her children was with me. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of a dark figure moving through the trees.

Before I could think to do it, my body began to follow, not knowing who it was or where they would lead me. After what felt like only a few seconds… or maybe a few hours, I lost sight of the figure. I walked a little more through the dense and dark forest and came up to a small body of water.

Across the slowly moving waters, a single light was illuminating a very specific part of the forest. In the light, I saw it. HIS silhouette manifested with majestic energy as if illumination itself was embracing him. I could not see his face but I KNEW he is the one I was following.

I wanted so desperately for him to speak. That was because I could recall in perfect detail his voice as read in the coffee shop. His words resounded in my mind daily.

As I waited in anticipation to hear why he brought me into that space, he said nothing at all. Was that because he had nothing to say, or was his opportunity cut short by my being transported back to my bedroom? I was sad that the vision was over but shocked that while back in my bed I could still smell the forest and all that I felt from having the experience.

Now I can’t sleep…I have to create. I started to paint over what I already had on the canvas because I knew I had to begin fresh. I needed to bring him, and the dream to life. I also have to make sure he see’s it. For that to happen I need to see him again. Something in me is telling me theres more to all of this. He isn’t just in my waking thoughts anymore, now he’s also in my dreams.

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