Journal Entry: Blank canvas

So today I decided to start out with a blank canvas. I guess it is figuratively and literally.

Mixing paints and forming the different hues on my palette to then use those colors to create something…it’s exciting. Maybe some think of it as a mundane task, but for me it’s the beginning of what will be. To choose the right colors, I have to have already seen what will be created.

Am I the canvas? What will I become when the colors are mixed and combined?

I will add more colors to the palette of my understanding to continue to grow. He is a part of that. I know that I will gain wisdom from him. I know he is a part of this transformation. I will see him again...I just have to be patient. Until then, I need another cup of coffee and to start painting.

#thebeguileontext #beguileonspeaks #beguileon


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