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DATE: Today


Where: The 3rd

I was blessed to be greeted by the spirit of the 2nd today. He made his presence known as soon as he returned from the subconscious realms. We spoke about several things that he is in the process of deciphering, and some key situations that he believes he's come to fully understand. One of those situations is his weakness when dealing with the energy of the 1st. He's acknowledged that he gives far too many concessions, and that the time has come to retake the lions share of their collective space.

I could tell from his energy that his level of commitment is different this time. I tested him with a few simple request and got no push back, or excuses. He immediately did what he needed to do in order to complete the tasks. As I watched him I could see that he is still very wounded from his experience here. His ability to call to memory so many visions that induce pain usually gives him a reason to leave my space, and stay away for considerable amounts of time. However, although I can feel the pain that he's struggling with, I can also feel healing beginning to manifest. Maybe he will stay for a season this time. Maybe even long enough to experiance a shift.

I'm also being sure to observe the energy of the 1st. Today he didn't fight for control of their collective space as hard as he normally does. Maybe his appetite has been satisfied for the time being, so he's not as hungry for control. If only he could see that his submission to the true desires of the 2nd is the pathway to healing for him as well. Maybe he does see it and that's why he didn't protest today. Whatever the motivation, I'll continue to observe them both, and pray that all involved be healed.


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