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Amber Journal Entry: Dream Part 2

Continuing to paint my mind is drawn into that place, the space with him…the forest. Is it a representation of life? The forest mirroring what is happening, what has happened, what will happen?

In life, I’ve been surrounded by darkness. The looming trees are like the different people and situations that I have to move through. Then, I caught a glimpse of HIM. In the coffee shop (in the clearing by the water), his words/presence is powerful a light amidst the darkness. I’m filled with wonder and questions I know he can help answer.


Dreaming of Life in a world that is dark,

What were his words…igniting a spark?

Deep in the forest, dark is all I see,

Until I hear him, I know what could be.

Light illuminates, as his words permeate

Is this by chance or could this be fate?

#thebeguileonteachings #thebeguileontext #thecreatorisstillspeaking


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