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Amber Journal Entry: Catching up...

What has happened in these three years, is hard to believe. It started in a café, and now we are together. Well not “together” together but we are close. Extremely close. Words spoken by him, drew me in. Now, with an exchange of a painting he has become an important part of my life.

Sometimes our interactions make me question if he truly understands who he is, and what he means to those of us that are the closest to him? The fact that I even have to ask that question means I have a very important job to do in his life. I will do my best to show him how much he means to me, while reminding him of how important he is to others around him. I will ensure that he understands how much he is cared for, and seen.

We are intimate, emotionally and mentally, but at times, I desire to connect more with him.

I know he wants us to be closer too. I can feel his energy pulling at mine, but we do not cross that line. I must NOT become a distraction to his becoming. But...I still feel him very deeply.

There are days we talk often about all the things that are happening in this physical world. We also talk late into the night about the metaphysical things as well. I will continue to be there to encourage him in all that he does. I will also pray for him, as I know there are still many things that he has to do.


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