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Amber Journal Entry: A Spark Ignited

I woke up in this world a spark ignited,

The bright light of love shown,

Soon was covered by hurt,

Belief not my own.

Through adolescence, I lost myself.

Was built into a carefully crafted facade,

That never quite fit.

That once bright light of love that shown,

Was now quite dimly lit.

Terrified and twisted,

My double life conflicted,

Thinking my facade would crack,

And the lie would be lifted.

I would see what I was,

I would see what I am,

I would see Yah,

The goddess in me.

Flitting through life,

Unable to commit,

Unable to know,

Which one would be it.

Scared to submit,

The internal knowing,

My stunted growing,

Would not subside,

Until I decide.

I must commit,

I must submit,

The only path

Is through the creator.

Submission to love,

Submission to trust,

Submission to the purpose,

Originally designed,

Originally destined.

#thebeguileonteachings #thebeguileontext #thecreatorisstillspeaking


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