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A New Book, To Replace The Old



DATE: Today


Where: The 3rd

They don't seem to understand the seriousness of their collective conditions. One of them is content and at peace with his surroundings. He has no concerns regarding his experiences and seems to look forward to any and every interaction that's created within his space. He expects the worse from everyone and in that he's become conditioned to face every moment from within the unclean flame. The sound of its roar is deafening, and as a result he can't, (or wont) listen to me.

The other one is overcome with calculating each possibility, so much so that anxiety is his constant companion. Unlike the 1st, the 2nd will allow me to speak to him. In fact I believe he enjoys our conversations. This gives me a chance to help him focus on what matters most, as opposed to studying things that cause him to worry. The issues is, he also has conversations with the 1st. Which results in long seasons of separation between he and I.

Today started off well. I awoke to the presence of the 2nd and have been able to reason with him concerning the now. My goal, to strengthen his awareness of self, and encourage his subduing of the 1st.


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