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(5) Where Is He?

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

It’s been days…where is he? He used to go to the coffee shop regularly, but I haven’t seen him since our encounter. Has he found somewhere else because of me?

Who is he? A prophet? A person with profound wisdom? Does he have insight into the condition of this world?

Are those his writings? I have so many questions that are left unanswered.

I am lost, just staring at my coffee, hoping something will change. Maybe he will show up and explain. If and when he shows up, perhaps, he will answer some of these questions that I have swarming around in my head…All I know is our paths must cross again.

What were some of the things he was saying? Ancient wisdom from lost text or words divined today for us to wake up? I sound crazy?!

But I know what I heard and I know what it stirred within me! It was REAL!

What I will have to do is just trust that I will be able to meet him again. Then, I can learn more of what this means to me and to this world. Because if this is true, even the small amount that heard from his books….will dynamically change the world at its core.

#thebeguileonteachings #thebeguileontext #thecreatorisstillspeaking


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