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(10) Dear Toma

I hope you are well when you receive this email. We haven't spoken in quite some time. I don't see you at the evening services much anymore. I hope everything is fine.

I understand how it seems like you're on your own. As if society is no longer attainable, it is outcast. Your mind is a battleground for spiritual forces much beyond our comprehension. I do feel compelled to remind you though, that I am always available.

Do you recall our first meeting? That day, you noticed something in me. We'd been brought together by The Creator's hand, and we'd created a connection. Some may refer to it as fate, while others may refer to it as a divine appointment. We choose to acknowledge such things as followers of The Way.

The fact that you and I have both traveled beyond this realm, speaks to our connection. Accepting our gift, which may feel like a curse at times, it emphasizes the significance of our friendship and connection. On the path of consciousness, the mind's battle is conducted. The observer's domain is reality in the physical realm. However, for any spirit walker, both freedom and bondage pave the road.

Letting go of one realm to enter another, is a gift not a curse, regardless of how horrible it appears. The mental battle is something we must overcome. Because we allow our spirit to be broken when we accept defeat. A broken spirit, as we all know, dries the bones. Listen to me running off into the wilderness. Forgive me friend.

Well, I don't want to take up any more of your time. Again, I hope this email finds you in time of peace. Please keep in mind that I may be reached at the email address linked to this message. Until we meet again, my friend. May you walk in The Creator's footsteps, and in the light of those who have been chosen for such a task. Blessings sincerely Lakxota

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